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October 3
by eleon

All Bite, No Bark

I have two little dogs that cannot stop yapping. When someone is at the door, they just bark, bark, and bark. When the person enters the house, they continue to bark while backing away. They are all bark and no bite. The only thing they ever do is recognize what they perceive as a problem but never really take any action.

God doesn’t want barking Christians but Christians that have a bite.


People that take action in the world without complaining. Fathers that joyfully take their kids to school without yapping. Mothers that show their kids radiance more than rage.

God is simply looking for disciplined, faith talking, people of action. Church members who are all bite and no bark. People that march in productivity who add value to the church not take away by yapping.

Christians ought to be known for the bite we take out of society’s problems more than yapping about them.

We can spend our lives raising awareness about every single problem. But without a plan of attack, it just becomes a bark. Just because we bark about a problem doesn’t mean we’ve taken a bite out of it.

My prayer is that the church is known more for its PLAN of attack than for backing away and yapping at the injustices of the world. I’m not into social justice; I’m in to social transformation. Bite first when a problem exists and then bark when you celebrate the results.

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