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Changing Symbolisms In A Tormented World | Matthew Barnett
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December 15
by eleon

Changing Symbolisms In A Tormented World

After our Joy of Christmas musical this week, we had a toy giveaway for all the kids in the community after each of the seven performances. In addition, twenty lucky kids were fortunate enough to win the lucky wristband for a bike. This certain special kid was one of the fortunate ones……….so we thought. We put the wristband on and cheered for the fact that his wristband entitled him to a bike. The boy was not happy. He screamed, kicked, resisted and did not want the wristband. Why would any kid fight this? What a strange reaction. Then his mother kindly told us that her little son had lived in hospitals his entire life and when he sees a wristband, he thinks he is going back to the hospital. He continued to resist with rage.

One of our workers explained to him that the wristband meant that he won a bike. As quickly as that boy to lost control, his mode reversed. A smile flashed on his face bigger than the state of California and the boy suddenly saw a wristband in a different way.


A little boy was terrified of a wristband until love changed the meaning. Many boys see a father as an abusive figure and when they hear the word father, they think of a man beating them senseless or even worse. It’s our job as Christians to change the perception of the title of father by being good examples to them as men. Love can change the meaning of a terrified world. People can think of the word “Ghetto” as being a place of violence or ruin. However, when love comes around those same streets can suddenly look like a city of refuge. Love changes the meaning of symbolic stereotypes. We can literally shock the world back to life! Not by just relating to people’s pain, but by showing them an example of what is good when all they’ve seen are symbols of destruction. For a little boy’s entire life he saw a wristband as more pain until someone showed him it could mean the best day of his life.

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