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Matthew Barnett | Founder of The Dream Center
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Doing Something I Promised Myself I Would Never Do


I hate running! Some people talk about the “Runners High” or that amazing feeling of pushing your body to the extreme. I’m one of those people who languish through every step. When I run for five minutes, it feels like it’s been an hour. Personally, I would rather do anything but run. Hopefully, you are getting the point that I don’t like running (Ha).

Every year my staff tells me, “you have to run the LA Marathon.” I’ve said no for a decade and vowed to get behind our fearless runners who are using the marathon as a great awareness tool and fundraiser for The Dream Center’s outreach to girls who are victims of Human Trafficking. I would support them by promoting them but not a chance that I would ever do it. This year, on my 40th birthday, I decided to do what I vowed never to do, RUN THE MARATHON. I’ve been training and it’s not been easy. Sore hips, knees, and the battle against my dislike for running. Even my “Eye of the Tiger” Rocky soundtrack isn’t doing the trick to inspire me to run.

Why then? Because I do believe that what is happening at The Dream Center in the area of reaching out to trafficked girls is absolutely amazing. In just a couple of weeks, we’ve had over eighteen girls rescued. This is absolutely stunning. After going on one of the ride-a-longs with our team and seeing the girls they are rescuing, it put a fire in my spirit to rescue the girls trapped in our city. I realized that we are experiencing a modern-day revival of changed lives. The amount of girls who are being housed, fed, trained, and restored is something I never dreamed possible when we started this program. This is the only thing that could inspire me to run 26.2 miles. Running doesn’t get me going nor do I think it ever will. It is running for a cause to change lives that will push me across the finish line. Will you help us? Will you put some more fuel in the tank by sponsoring me to get across the finish line? Your support of $1 a mile ($26) or $5 a mile ($130) will go along way in helping us continue to rescue, restore, and rebuild the lives of these girls. A quick and easy way to support is below and I value your sponsorship greatly.

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September 24
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September 18
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How Serving Changes Us

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September 3
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My new book “God’s Dream For You” releases September 10 nationwide on the nineteen-year anniversary of The Dream Center.  I’ve been reflecting a lot about The Dream Center journey. Nearly two decades ago, the dream began in a small church …

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February 20
by eleon

Why We Must Throw Caution To The Wind

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January 22
by eleon

Why We Don’t Use The Word Rehab

Every day at the Los Angeles Dream Center, I see people checking into our program. Application in hand, waiting for a bed, it never ends. I see people living on the floors who are strung out, coming down off some …

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November 29
by eleon

Dorky Parents Rule!

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August 27
by eleon

The Big News Concerning The Dream Center

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